June’s Love Board

June’s love board is up. Check out what I have been loving this month and what has been keeping me inspired.


Starting left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Tiny Tea by Your Tea: I’ve been wanting to try this product so bad after seeing it all over Instagram. I jumped at the chance when I saw they were having a 28 Day Wellness Challenge which included the 28 day tiny tea package, one of their mugs, and 3 eBooks to help you with your goals. I’ll have a full review after the 28 days, as it’s just the 3rd day, but I am loving it so far! (Photo by @xssat)
  2. Paddle board: OBSESSED with this sport. Been trying SUP yoga on weekend getaways, (super hard) but the best part is exploring the Greek Islands with a paddle board. Get your tan on while working those arms and core. 😉 Also, doesn’t this YOLO board look amazing?
  3. Green Super Food: Loving this product… I just ordered my second tub (bigger this time) from Iherb and cannot wait for it to get here. Energy booster and an all-out amazing green powder with Chlorophyll, Maca, Acai, Flax Seed, Spirulina and so much more.
  4. Face Wash, Human + Kind : Will be making a review on this very soon! An all-natural face wash which doubles as a makeup remover.
  5. Scent Chips: given as a gift, these scent chips smell ah-mazing. Use one scent or create your own by combining multiple chips. My favorite at the moment is the Pine which has an earthy refreshing fragrance which energizes a tired mood.
  6. Animal Print Triangle Bikini, Sugar Free: Out of all the bikinis I have purchased for this summer, this one is my favorite this month. Fits perfectly and has such a great shape and pattern. Definitely a love.
  7. South of France Rose Hand Wash: I can’t say enough good things about this hand wash. The only downfall is that it takes a month to arrive from Iherb! I’ve already ordered 5 more with different scents. The feel of this soap is so soft and smooth and you need no more than a pea sized pump to wash your hands. Also, it makes me want to smell my hands all day long. The best liquid soaps I’ve ever used. Period. Side note, my boyfriend is in love with this soap as well!
What have you guys been loving this month? Tell us in the comments below!

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