Working out on holiday

I’ve always been trying to find ways to stay active while on holiday. I thought it would be cool to share a little of what I have found works for me…


Why workout on holiday?

Get a tan while working out.

You have so much time on your hands!

It’s good to change things up. If you’re lifting weights 3 times a week, why not change it up and start swimming instead? Your body gets used to the same daily exercises and it’s good to give it a shock with something different.

Don’t stress that you will fall behind on your training back home.

You’ll feel really good 🙂


I feel that working out during vacay refreshes me. It feels like I’ve done something for myself and my health rather than pushing my progress back by wasting the day away eating and sitting. Sometimes I still get back from holidays and think, okay I need to get back to my program now – but the thing is I’ve already been active all of the days I’ve been away.


So here are a few things you can do while on summer holidays:

Water sports (kayaking/rowing/water ski)

SUP board A huge trend right now but it’s pretty cheap to rent a SUP board for an hour. You could paddle board around and find secluded beaches to chill at or even try some SUP yoga!

Jog/power walk Perfect to explore your new surroundings and even find little shops or places you’d like to go back and visit.

Rock climbing Not available everywhere but if it is,..rock climbing is such a fun and challenging sport.

Rollerblading I use to do this when i was younger, Rollerblade down the coast with my sister. Mostly because I couldn’t (and still can’t) ride a bike. It’s actually super fun though and I’ve been thinking of getting back into it.

Surfing Not something I’ve tried yet, but I’d love to try it out!

A Hike You can find some pretty amazing hiking spots. It’s a great way to explore or see the sunset.

Paddle / Rackets  Grab some rackets and balls from a kiosk and start playing

Kayla’s bikini guide

YouTube videos I use YouTube for yoga videos. Check out my current favourite, Sarah Beth.

TRX You can bring this anywhere with you and use a door in your hotel or a tree outside.

For me, morning is the best time to do a quick workout or swim. I feel so much better lounging around the rest of the day! Then throughout the day you can do group activates with your friends which will keep you moving.


The other day I swan for 30 mins nonstop freestyle with a relaxed pace, and then finished off with 5 sets/100 reps of scissor kicks in the water. After that I did a 15 mins mat Pilates with a friend and in the evening I did a 20 mins yoga sequence by Sarah Beth.


It also helps that the people I’m surrounded by are all active and motivated. There is always someone in the mood to do something! But the most important thing is don’t stress! You’re on holiday after all.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little sneak peak into my summer holidays. I’d love to know what you guys do to stay active on your holidays. Do you take a break and not do anything, or try to stay active? Tell us on the comments section below!

Love, S

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