I heart Amsterdam (A Healthy City Guide To Amsterdam)


From cycling lanes to hidden cobble streets, Amsterdam is an urban paradise.

The health trend has hit this city hard and you can see it with the emergence of juice bars, vegan eatery and super-food stocked cafes. It’s so much more than the sleazy red light district and weed coffee shops.

I’m in love with this city and wanted to talk about some of my current fav spots..

Outdoor markets

Street food, fresh fruit and bouquets of tulips and peonies, the Albert Cuyp Markt is definitely the market to visit.

must try: A freshly made stroopwafel with dark chocolate. mmm!

Open from 9:30am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday

Amsterdam02 Amsterdam04 Amsterdam03


Another obsession? Dutch Pancakes. #majornoms

Welcome to Mook. Pancake heaven. The waiters were super cool here. FYI you can get everything gluten free too. I heard in reviews that there can be a bit of a wait time to be seated, fortunately we didn’t have this problem! Be aware though – their portion sizes are huge! I shared one savory pancake stack with my sister and we got one sweet pancake stack to share among all 4 of us.

Bonus: They serve mimosas!




Workout at the Vondelpark:

As you guys know I obviously like to move – even when on holiday. Apart from walking all over Amsterdam to burn off the pancakes we devoured, we also headed to Vondelpark for a workout, stretching and some unexpected play time with some pooches.

Amster15 Amster12

I wish I could handstand! If only someone took a behind the scenes photo you would see my friend holding me up #needmorepractise


Amsterdam06 Amsterdam07 Amsterdam08 Amsterdam09

Renting a bike:

Soooo I need to fill you all in on a little secret: I can’t ride a bike. Okay, I know I need to get on that. Maybe one day…but I STILL strongly believe that (if you can ride one) you should rent a bike when in Amsterdam. Best way to see the city and the suburbs. I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with my best friend to get a little flavor of Amsterdam through a bikers eyes. Love.



“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy”

– Anne Frank

Amsterdam15 Amsterdam16


Yogurt Barn 

Okay so maybe the best part of this trip by far was meeting fellow fitness blogger Carolina from Foodie-ness! She brought me to a cute little yogurt shop and we had the best time getting to know each other better. Such an inspirational woman – be on the lookout for an interview with her soon!

Amster31 copy Amster33 copy Amster45 copy Amster46 copy Amster47 copy Amster49 copy

The Seafood bar

Okay so guys…I have to be real with you. If you have been to Greece and have eaten Greek Seafood… I’m sorry but #VisitGreece. Don’t get me wrong this place was great, but would definitely go for (100% personal preference) more dutch pancakes instead. The interior was spot on though. It’s a great place to just chill with friends and have some wine.

Amsterdam18 Amsterdam19 Amsterdam20 Amsterdam21

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Amsterdam23 Amsterdam25 Amsterdam26 Amsterdam27

Raw Herring!!! YES.

Amsterdam28 Amsterdam29 Amsterdam30


De Laatste Kruimel

A MUST! Go and indulge at this little bakery. The interior is so cute – with mismatching antique tea cups and quilted cushions. Their tiny balcony overlooking the canal is amazing…and their quiches and cakes are to die for! Has become a staple place to go to. Don’t think I would ever visit Amsterdam and not come here for at least a quick bite. The only downside is that they don’t have a bathroom.


Last but not least – a super special restaurant that I loved was The Green House Kitchen which will actually get a post of it’s own because it just deserves it!

Overall the trip was amazing & I really recommend checking out Amsterdam if you haven’t yet gone. It’s not that big so you can see quite a lot in just 4 days. I tried to keep it short and simple – and put things that me and my friends really did enjoy and recommend doing. I hope you guys also like the videos!

Anyone have any juicy Amsterdam stories? If you have any recommendations for where to go, see, do, etc then please share as I will definitely be back!

Sofia, xx


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