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Brunei’s Fitness Expo a.k.a BruXFit was a four day fitness and healthy living expo promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging the community to be and stay active. Aspiring to be the largest health and fitness event to be held in Brunei- it encompasses all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

So many fit people in one place!

Are you into fitness? I would think so if you are reading this! Love to see the newest trends, supplements and workout gear? If so this was the place to be in Brunei. They were showcasing the latest products – from fitness programmes, to sporting equipment, apparel, footwear, food, supplements, and health services.

Needless to say I love fitness and have tried so many different kinds, I’m not afraid to try something new. So not only was I excited to see what Brunei had to offer – I also wanted to introduce something myself.

So let’s get right to it.

What did BruXFit have to offer?

Fitness shows, competitions, and demonstrations were happening throughout the 4 days. They had so many different activities for gym junkies, as well as people seeking new adventures – think jungle trekking groups, rock climbing, diving and mountain biking. They tried to cater to all different types of fitness.

The expo was free for all so there was really no excuse to not check it out!

For the foodies out there, they also had healthy food promotions and daily cooking demonstrations and sampling from dietary experts and chefs. This included Malaysian celebrity Chef Puan Sri Nisa Bakri and Chef Siti Mastura from Singapore.

Also, part of the sales from sold merchandises by Armtrix, will go to the Brunei Paralympic Association so that was a bonus.

Syen Sofian and Siti Kapraw, the Co-Organisers of Bru.X.Fit 2016 said,

“Bru.X.Fit was made possible with the strong support and guidance of numerous initiatives and private enterprises, vendors, sponsors, partners, our team and friends.”


Headstand practice with Kenneth


Aerial Silks

So the most important part for me personally at the expo was that I really wanted to introduce Aerial Silks to the public. Recently aerial yoga studios have been popping up in Brunei, so people are already comfortable with hammocks and playing around with similar type of fabric.

In comes Elena Khaw from Viva Vertical, Malaysia. Contortionist and Aerial performer, Flexibility & Strength instructor.

Crazy strong woman right here.

I flew her in to perform at the launch of the expo, as well as hold multiple workshops and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at just how many people came and tried it out. Especially guys! Of course most of the calisthenic guys were more than happy to try, but even others joined in on the fun.

Hip and Healthy were also so kind as to give us a little boost with their juice mixes at the end of our Aerial workshop.


Elena is a experienced and skilled performer specialising in aerial hoop, cube, silks and double trapeze. Her style varies but range fromelegant, contemporary to fun and upbeat.

Apart from performing, she is also a certified instructor teaching flexibility and strength conditioning, aerial arts, hatha yoga and TRX.

Go give her some love on her Instagram!


Kenneth Gallarzo, Vice President of World Calisthenics Organization and Alim Roslan, Brunei Calisthenics Bar-rage Founder were the other two fitness experts featured at the expo. They made the whole experience really fun!

The ‘Bar-rage’ Calisthenics Competition by Brunei Calisthenics and Mairgix Fitness Centre was so freaking cool. Some of the best athletes from around the region were competing in the Freestyle tournament. It was awesome.

Balancing partner poses

Fitness programmes

Fitness Zone as the Official Fitness Club organised Competitions and demos of kickboxing, spinning, functional training. They also showcased Silat -which is an indigenous martial arts from Southeast Asia.


3×3 Challenge by Shooting Stars Brunei

Rock Climbing

The Up Climbing Centre and Brunei Recreation & Adventure Association had a bouldering wall at the expo for competitions and try outs.


The Megastrike Bowling Centre actually built a one bowling lane, which was really fun.

Energy Kitchen

Energy Kitchen and Hip & Healthy

I can’t wait for BruXFit to come back next year – hopefully bigger and better.

Thank you to everyone that made it such a memorable event.



All photos with BruXFit logo belong to the Event managment

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