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Sofia Theologou 

3D Artist and Health enthusiast, I started this blog to share my experience of staying focused on my goals, while maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle. I’m dedicated to spending free time on having a balanced and nutritional diet, staying fit (while trying out new fitness trends) and slowly turning to chemical-free products. I hope in turn this can help and inspire others that are on a similar journey.

Follow me, from Asia to Europe, as I try to find inspiration in all areas of my daily life. Discovering along the way, health experts and like minded individuals to contribute their own experiences and advice.

NOTE: Please Keep in mind that I am not a personal trainer, nutritionist, doctor or licensed in anything fitness/health related. This blog share my journey and what I have learnt along the way – things that have results for me.

Welcome to Soft Dlight – I’m thrilled to have you.



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