Tuesday Tidbits: Easter + Burger Fest

Happy Tuesday!

What an chill and awesome week I had. Really though, very mellow and a much needed break. but I’m done and itching to start being more active this week. New week new goals right?

I’ve decided to give you quick little informal updates to my week/weekends with these little weekly snaps. You guys can get a peak into what i’m really up to! or you could you know, follow me on Snap Chat too.

ANYWAYS – a quick update for you:

{ A Chill Easter Day }

I started last week, beginning of May and Easter day with one of my closest friends. We started the day with what else but a jog session! I mean what else would you do Easter day?!

After getting all sweaty we did a quick wardrobe change, grabbed some healthy snacks and headed to the beach. I of course had to get my beach stretch on and completed my daily stretches and yoga poses before jumping into the FREEZING water. It’s always a great feeling having the first swim of the year.


{ A snippet from Snapchat }

Our next stop was at a tavern to eat traditional Greek Easter food – lamb, potatoes, tzaziki + a salad, before meeting up with more friends for coffee and a piece of desert. Ended the Easter day with more friends joining us for a glass of wine. Such a fun day.

Super lucky I spend Easter at the beach because from the next day for almost a whole week the weather has been crappy gloomy rainy.


{ SoftDlight on Snapchat }

So yes, that was my Easter, and the rest of the week was pretty uneventful: gym, work, jogging, more gym, more work, cleaning the house. Pretty casual – Until the end of the weekend! which was Burger fest and i just HAD to check it out. I was happily surprised with the turn out. The live music was on point, stalls after stalls of different burger joints, a beer pong booth and lots of stalls selling nicknaks.

I had the goal to eat only 1 burger from the festival so although a tough decision I decided on Mikaello’s amaaaaazing shrimp tempura burger with – wait for it…black bun made with squid ink, wasabi sauce and wakame. Fucking amazing. The only thing this place was missing was a veggie burger!

C’mon guys.


{ Kalimera/GoodMorning Project – Shared Lemon Pie & Wine – First and only burger eaten at Burger Fest }

After a lot of indulging I think it’s about time for a bit of a detox. Today I started the day with lemon water, prepped my food for the whole day and making sure to kick my ass extra hard at kickboxing tonight.

On another note. I’m loving this spotify playlist. It gets me in a mood to work.

Background music at the moment.

Though I’m going to have to change it up to Soft Dlight’s Festival Workout playlist soon so i can get pumped up for kickboxing!

How was your week/weekend? Share your latest!

Sofia x



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