Tuesday Tidbits

Long over due post – just because ..Life. 🙂

I’m back in Athens after 3 weeks in the UK and I’m soaking up the sun at last. I don’t think I can be away from the sun for that long! I’ve practically gone from summer in Greece to summer in the tropics, and I’m whining about 3 weeks in the cold UK! Unbelievable.

I’ve been moving at a slower pace after so much back and forth travelling. I still have another trip planned in 3 weeks so it’s a bit hard getting back into things when I know I have to leave again so soon.

I have so much content to put out for you guys, but for some reason it’s taken me forever to finish them off. Combined with my work load and trying to put aside time for working out, it’s been quite tough! I’m looking forward to this weekend though, where I will hopefully have a bunch of posts and videos finished to upload throughout the new few weeks.

If you’re also trying to find your motivation at the moment I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or reach out to be through Instagram and let me know how you are trying to get over it – or just what’s happening in your little world!

Here are a few thing’s that are keeping me motivated

Obsessing over Nutrifit Protein – which I’m testing different recipes with at the moment.

A bit off topic but working on the concept for my apartment renovation. Not many of you might know but before fitness comes my love for design. I work for Interior Designers and it’s so fun to have a personal, creative and fun project. I cannot wait for it to become a reality and to finally have a space that reflects me.

Cute comics and Illustrations I’ve found on Instagram like 157 of Gemma or  catanacomics. They seem to mellow me out.

Reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F ck by Mark Manson


Take care of yourselves

Sofia x


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