September’s Love Board

I was so ready to go to the beach once I got back from London, but it seems like fall has arrived! Though not a long season in Greece to be honest, we usually go from summer to winter in one go. But the nights are chilly and the day time can be unpredictable. Doesn’t help that I’m also feeling under the weather so even though this Sunday was super sunny, I was mostly (except for a great breakfast with the boyf) indoors recuperating. Either way, September was a good month! Exciting new projects and traveling… So let’s jump right in to my loves.


Starting left to right, top to bottom:
  1. LimeWood: We went to visit Lime Wood in Hampshire for a project we are doing. I was blown away by the food here! Every dish we chose was incredible. 5 stars all the way and very recommended! In addition, the whole place was gorgeous.
  2. Maki:  One of the project’s I worked on with Meraki Design. It was so cool being able to go to the actual shops and places, rather than seeing them just through my computer screen. Maki is a super cool sushi place. The interior is so fun and totally different from anything you’ve seen. The menu varies from your traditional spicy tuna, to Chicken Katsu and Sun Blushed Tomato. Oh, and their pieces are huge! Definitely worth a try.
  3. Crussh: This past summer, we were all hooked on a juice bar in Lefkada called Crush. Well here’s the original Crussh! I had my first original Acai bowl here, and it didn’t disappoint. This one is called the Acai Strawberry breakfast bowl and includes: Muesli oats, barley, desiccated coconut, cinnamon, hazelnuts, sultanas, bananas, strawberries, apple juice, acai, and fresh strawberries. Nyum. Got some great ideas for creating my own at home.
  4. Victoria Secret Bra:  I wanted to go crazy at VS as we don’t have one in Greece, but time and budget didn’t permit. So I opted to get this amazing bra which I’m in loooove with. (I got the dark blue but it’s not available on the site.) Who’s coming to Greece from America?! I need more VS in my life!
  5. Pret a manger: Being in London for 9 days, I was in meetings and constantly traveling, be it by train or buses. I found it rather hard to keep up with my healthy diet. Pret really helped on this fron – There is a little pret shop literally in every corner. From wraps to salads to breakfast porridge, this place caters to everyone. I would usually get a salad and wrap for lunch, and a pot of fruits for snacks. So yum so easy.

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