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So, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I only just realized how rapidly Christmas is approaching! How did the year go by that quickly?! Time flies when you’re having fun, for sure. I love Christmas! The scents of the winter cool air, the crackle of the fireplace, cinnamon, cloves, toffee nut lattes, and not to mention mulled wine! Another thing I love is Christmas shopping for family and friends. If your friends or family are anything like me and are into health & wellness then this list is for you! Check out my gift guide selection.



gift guide

  1. This Sugar Free bodysuit!! Loving the whole ballerina body suit style that’s been going around lately. I personally haven’t tried working out with something like this, but would love to test one. I think it would make for a unique Christmas gift!
  2. Toe sox for pilates! yaaass. This would be awesome for yoga as well as to not slide around from your sweat. These specific ones look so cute and a perfect stocking stuffer.
  3. What’s an easier gift than a bath and body kit? I don’t think I know anybody that doesn’t like these sort of gifts. This kit is a collaboration between Free people x Fig and Yarrow – it looks and sounds amazing. I especially love the packaging.
  4. For someone more into sporty chic this Adidas sweater hits the spot. So perfect for this winter. Especially loving the pattern and colour palette.
  5. Looking for a gift for a yogi friend? This yoga mat is everything. I personally love the look of it – but don’t be fooled, It’s not a design for esthetics but rather lines that help you with good alignment for various yoga postures.
  6. Stuck wearing old school wired headphones when working out? I won’t tell you how many times my phone has popped out of my pocket or treadmill holder because I accidently jerked the wire. This is quite a pricey one, but an amazing gift for a fitness bunny that needs new workout tech. These wireless Bose headphones also have noise cancelling so you can go from super focus at the gym to using them in everyday situations like when traveling on planes.
  7. Meditation colour-in books are all the rage right now. I haven’t tried this but I can only imagine how relaxing it would be. My mother is an artist and I have been drawing and colouring since I can remember. Such a lovely gift for a friend with a lot of stress or anxiety.
  8. What fitness freak doesn’t use dry shampoo? This one has especially pretty packaging and a cute stocking stuffer.
  9. Super cool street wear sneakers. The white nike wedges can be worn with almost anything. Any sports chick would love these.

Share your fav gift ideas for your girlfriends in the comment section below – would love to know!

Love, S



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