pre-workout essentials

A lot of people don’t do much prep pre-workout but I need to get into the zone so I don’t feel lazy and end up not even going or starting my workout.

Again just like my post-workout ritual, I also try to use products that are as pure as possible. Check out my choices below


Make sure to be hydrated a.k.a drink water! Don’t overdo it right before your workout but drink throughout the day to stay hydrated. If you’re dehydrated you won’t get a good workout in and you’ll also get cramps sooner. “When you’re working out, you’re more likely to be losing water, both through your breath and through sweat,” says Renee Melton, MS, RD, LD. Pretty it up with a Klean Kanteen Water bottle.


First things first – amazing playlist to pump me up and actually get me moving out the door! This is a must for me and I’m always blasting music at least half an hour before gym time. If I forget my headphones you’re damn right I’m turning back to get them.

Hair Care

This isn’t an everyday thing but if it’s the day I’m going to wash my hair after my workout I will lather some coconut oil on my hair as a mask. I put my hair up in a bun and leave it on for the duration of my workout. See just how soft your hair is after your shower! Check out this Balancing Hair Oil blend of all-natural ingredients. I love the packaging and presentation.

Wake Up

This isn’t a given either, but sometimes I will have a bit of coffee right before my workout. Other products I have used and loved was sci-mx’s X-plode RippedCore. Since I’m sensitive to caffeine I would only take half a scoop and this would give me enough energy and hype without the jitters. Thinking of purchasing this product again. If I’m not feeling like having caffeine I would take a multi vitamin so I know my body will function properly. Choosing a multi with high vitamin b is important to help release energy.

Ready to Dress

Since I’ve started workout in the mornings, I always lay out my clothes the night before so once I get up I’m ready to go. No excuses! I also have all my gym bag essentials ready and packed. How cool is this yoga bag?


Have a pre-workout meal 2 hours before your workout, or if you don’t have time like me – I only wake up half an hour before getting to the gym – then have a simple protein shake and eat breakfast right after gym. (Steel Cut Oats With Medjool Dates & Toasted Coconut from this blog post)

I would love to know your pre-workout essentials! Do you have any amazing products to share? Tell me in the comments sections below.

Love S,


All photo rights to Freepeople – I die for their products!


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