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May’s love board is up. Check out what I have been loving this month and what has been keeping me inspired.

Starting left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Natural Jaguar Hide Beach Towel, Maslin & Co so I know this came out last summer, but I’m still drooling over it. Greek Island holidays would be complete if I had this to lounge all day on.
  2. Hervé Gambs How amazing does this room fragrance look? I love the concept of spritzing the flower with fragrance Instead of the usual diffusers we are so use to.
  3. ACV facial toner… Apple Cider Vinegar is a godsend! So recently I’ve been really getting into all-natural skin and hair products. After trying this stuff I was hooked. Goodbye pimples and oily skin. Now – everyone’s skin reacts different, and I know a lot of people that have to dilute ACV because it can be a bit too strong which causes itchiness, but I personally use pure acv with the mother – you heard right, with the mother means that the vinegar isn’t filtered and still has all its enzymes.
  4. Rose Hip Oil  This oil is particularly amazing for repairing sun damage and discoloration, which is a major concern of mine seeing as I am an admitted sun worshiper. In the mornings I apply the oil while my skin is after-shower damp – the oils absorb better. And at night I spend a few minutes massaging it into my face before bed.
  5. Mason Soap Dispenser, Hurd&Honey With all the natural products I’m using, I have been searching for good-looking bottles and tubs to transfer everything to. These mason jars could be a fun little DIY project as well.
  6. Pomegranate and Sage, Black Arrow Candles I was given a Soy candle for Christmas from one of my besties and It. was. freakin. amazing! Gone is the day I buy nasty paraffin candles. Check out this Aussie brand with its wooden wick and super cute packaging.
  7. Stool with leather seat, Zara Scandinavian interior…yes please! Liking this style a lot.
  8. Self-Dentistry set, Living Libations A product I have been eager to get my hands on. All the way from Canada…if anybody knows how I can get this all the way to Athens please do tell! I’ve heard amazing reviews about these oils, which you can use to replace normal toothpaste.

I’d love to know what has been inspiring you this month or any products you would think I would like to try out. Do leave a comment!

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