It’s been awhile (20 Day Challenge)

It’s been awhile. Seems like that’s always how I start a blog post! So let me stop apologizing and lets get into it.

Fitness is not always pretty. I think we all know that. We sometimes forget that, when we only look at photos. So, I’ve come back more conscious of what I want to do with this blog. I want to of course show the amazing, positive feelings that come with nurturing your body.. but I also want to include some ‘behind the scenes’ and not-so-flattering, frustrating and disappointing parts of my journey.

I want us all to have a realistic expectation on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because a lot of it is stressful: preparing your meals when you are on a deadline, sore muscles when you have to get up at 7am to get to your yoga class, getting sick but having to not let go completely, feeling hungry and frustrated when you just start a diet, or balancing your social life with getting up early for your fitness class etc.

But guys, it’s never not worth it. Just a month ago I was constantly in a state of thinking about desserts (I’m trying to cut sugar out) and had terrible headaches and cravings, BUT I would wake up the next morning and feel so good. Investing in yourself and your body is never a waste of time and money!



So, with having said that…25th of September I finally – for the right reasons – went to a nutritionist. I was overall happy about my body, even with having put on weight (and being the heaviest I had ever been) but I wanted to step it up a notch and really give my body what it needed to go even further. Fast forward to the beginning of November – I had 3 weeks before flying out to London for work so what did I do? Challenged myself to a 3 week/20 day ‘give it your all’ with constant workouts and a clean diet.


To be honest it was SO hard. I had about 5 “cheat meals” when my goal was 0 (or okay like, one maybe!) but I STILL got positive results! I really must thank Georgia (my nutritionist) and especially Nicole (my personal trainer) for putting up with my ups and downs. I remember going in the gym one morning and basically asking Nicole “why am I doing this to myself?!!”. Trust me, I needed quite a few pep talks.


20 DAYS // so as promised, my 20 day challenge (minus 2 days) progress shots. Not the biggest differece, but still is some! Tummy is less bloated, my booty although smaller is abit rounder..definitely more musclular legs. All in all pretty good progress shot for me.

On another note I really must go check out and fix my body alignment.


Right side: Before & After

Back side: Before & After

Front side: Before & After


This is all with good nutrition, 2 personal training sessions, as well as 1-2 cardio days and 2-3 weight sessions by myself. Tough!! but feeling so good about it (and that it is finally done). That’s what I love about personal little challenges like this.. pushing my boundaries and seeing how far I can get mentally, because it was pretty much ALL in my mind. The cheat meals were definitely happening only when I was feeling down or angry.


On to 3 weeks in London!! Lets see how I get along. To go on an eating spree or not?!

I’ll get on writing a post about What I Eat In a Day for a sneek peak into the diet I was on, for those interested!


Lots of love,


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