Tuesday Tidbits: Back in Asia

Hello Asia!

A lot has happened since the last time I’ve updated you guys! I’m back in Brunei Darussalam, the country I was born and raised in and It’s good to be back !




The first week back there was BruXFit (Brunei’s fitness expo) which I’m going to do a post soley on, but just a quick update – Kenneth Gallarzo a.k.a progressive_calisthenics from the U.S and Elena Koko from Malaysia came to show off their skills. It was exciting and so good hanging out with them. I am so pumped to try out new things and practice new some exercises I learnt from them.

bru07 img-20161014-wa0031-copy

Post-Press release for BruXFit 2016 at Fitness Zone

It’s tough staying with my usual routine over here, but I am still staying very active. I hope in the coming weeks I can get down to something more fixed. Gym – Spinning – Yoga – Aerial practice, but to be honest even doing what I’m doing now is fine by me.

I’ve been to yoga, acro-yoga, aerial silks – just randomly doing what the day calls for. Also trying out new things such as paddle boarding on crazy waves, spinning, kayaking and surfing. Trying to get a group and plan a hike in the jungle and horse riding at the beach! Brunei is definitely inspiring me at the moment.

But lets take a moment to move away from fitness.

The other day we had a surprise birthday party which included a blow up pool and lots of floats!! Good food and great company. The next day consisted of lots of chilling on the floats, tanning and photos. How can you not love that.
bru09bru12 bru13 bru14

bru02img-20161029-wa0023edited bru03

I’ve been trying so hard not to spam my Instagram account with photos from the day!

The rest of the the week was spent working from the super chilled town of Seria. Bandar, the main town of Brunei is very slow paced – but Seria is a whole other level, which I’m so grateful for. I’ve had so much (job wise) to get done, but as always I’m pushing myself and making time for my workout, as well as trying to stay sane. The so-good-sushi definitely helps with that.

Next week I have a trip coming up. Tropical island. Can you guess where?! I’m so so excited!

Sofia x

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