Christmas has gone and New Year’s is just a few days away. Everyone’s having parties, dinners and gatherings. It can be a lot when you’re trying to stick to your workouts and healthy eating.

Personally this year I let myself indulge a bit too much! But the great thing is that I’ve stopped feeling guilty about it. I’m starting to find my balance and It seems that when I let myself have it all (mostly ALOT of cakes and sweets), there’s only so many days I can take before I feel like it’s enough. Sweets don’t look so appealing anymore, and I’m starting to crave my standard meals.

Here are a few tips on staying healthy through the holiday – but having that piece of cake as well.

Have a plan

Yes, I’ve indulged this holiday season, but I haven’t stopped training my butt off at the same time. Make sure you have a plan – writing it all down helps me get it done. My calendar is set for the next 2 weeks + which includes Aerial Silks, Stadium workouts, Weight training, Flexibility class and Pilates.

Stay Hydrated

Especially if you are traveling! The dry air in a plane cabin makes our airways more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. No one wants to start the New Year’s sick! Staying hydrated also controls your appetite as we all know that we can confuse hunger for thirst.

Don’t miss you meals and snacks

Just because you’re going to a party later on – don’t try to “save” calories by not eating beforehand. It’s actually better that you eat something so later on you won’t be as hungry and wont snack on unhealthy finger food.

Choose your food

When I’m out and there’s a buffet I try to stay away from ‘testing everything’. Instead scan for the foods you know you love and don’t get to eat regularly. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it.


Such a love/hate relationship with alcohol. I love having a cocktail or wine especially when out socializing but alcohol doesn’t have any benefits whatsoever – no nutritional value, just a lot of calories. Alcohol can also reduce your strength, endurance, and ability to metabolize fat and muscle growth. Try to have as little as possible, or swap it out for sparkling water.

Get moving!

Stay active throughout the holiday. You can go snowboarding, go for a hike with friends, or hit the gym – this time of the year the gyms are quiet and a great time to work out.

The most important of all

Spend the holidays with your loved ones and don’t worry so much!! Whether you’re sticking to your diet/workouts or over indulging don’t forget the people and things that really matter in your life.

I hope everybody’s enjoying the holidays! Don’t restrict yourselves too much from your favorite foods, just try to balance everything out. Also, never feel guilty – Your mind and body will thank you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s


Love, S


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