SDReview: The best face wash

Because you guys know I’m trying to go all natural, I’ve been trying to find the best beauty and hair products that work with my body.

Today’s review is the best face wash I’ve tried so far: Human + Kind’s Wash Off Facial Cleanser. This facial cleanser is described to “melt away makeup and impurities and gently exfoliate without stripping skin of its natural oils.”

Bonus: It comes with a free super soft deep cleansing cloth so you can seriously pamper yourself.

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The main difference with this face wash is its texture. It’s basically like you are putting cream on your face (FYI, it doesn’t lather). It’s a super weird feeling but you get use to it after a couple of washes.

What I love love LOVE about it though, is that it doubles as a makeup remover! Most, if not all of face washes, has never completely removed my makeup. Especially not the dreaded waterproof mascara! Before this I used to remove my makeup with almond oil, but now when I’m lazy I can just skip that step and go straight for this cleanser.

[The best way to remove eye make up is to lightly rub your eyes with your fingers in circular motions for a few seconds before rinsing. Never aggressively rub your eyes as you may lose your eyelashes.]


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Every month I’ll be posting a series called #SDReview showcasing my favorite products, foods, and fashion. None of these will be sponsored – just my honest opinion and what I personally love using on a regular basis.

What product do you guys want to see next week?


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Photos by Orestis Katsilis Graphics by Soft Pixels

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