Natural Remedies To Get Well Faster

Hello, from my bed

I’ve been waiting all last week for some ‘me’ time, but instead right before the weekend came around I got a bad case of the flu. It was impossible to breathe through my nose which I’m sure you all know is super frustrating. So since it’s apparently the season for people to fall ill (what is up Greek weather?!), I thought I’d make a post and share some natural home remedies I use to get well faster.

Minyak Angin Cap Kapak

Okay so many of you here in Europe won’t know this – but everyone in Asia I’m sure you’re all nodding your heads in agreement! This stuff is amazing. Use it when you have the flu, bitten by insects, when you’re tired, or have motion sickness…It contains menthol crystals and eucalyptus oil


I love to do this in and out of the shower. When I’m in the shower I sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the floor and sides of the shower and while I’m taking my shower the oils diffuse into the air. This loosens mucus and helps ease sinus pain and pressure.

If I’m still feeling stuffy during the day, I get a bowl with boiling water and add a few drops of my oils. Put a cloth over my head to trap in the steam and take deep breathes.

Oils I love using include: Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, and you guessed it – Minyak Angin Cap Kapak.

Salt Gargling

Gargling salt water a few times a day can help soothe a sore throat.


Water and plenty of it to clear toxins.

Go To Drink

I try to have this drink at least once a day when I’m sick – after that I just drown myself with herbal tea. But let me tell you about this drink. Just mix:

1 cup warm water (or more depending on the concentration you prefer)

2 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother

Juice from 1 whole lemon

1-2 Tbsp. raw honey

And boom! Soothing holistic detox tea. You can have this warm since its cold out, or keep it refrigerated to have during the day. (Can last up to a week) Just remember not to use boiling water as this destroys the nutrients in the honey as well as the active cultures in the ACV.

Energy boost

When I’m sick I try to avoid coffee, instead I reach for a fresh orange juice for vitamin C plus my green power. Chlorophyll in plants help oxygenate the blood, increasing brain function and physical energy.

Chicken soup

The best comfort food ever. Some research even shows that chicken soup may help ease cold symptoms. Who knew!

Have you heard of the onion remedy?!

According to historical reports a chopped onion placed on a plate in a patient’s room and replaced daily will both relieve symptoms and prevent the onset of colds in healthy individuals.

“This is because they are high in antiviral sulphuric compounds, as indicated by the strong odor and flavor they release.”

I have yet to try this one, and my boyfriend seems uninterested with the idea of trying it, but I thought it was interesting!

And of course… rest

Always listen to your body. If it’s telling you it needs time to heal, then spend all day in bed. No workouts. No going out. Definitely a great time you can be a couch potato.

I hope these remedies help you if you are fighting the flu! Is there anything I’ve missed that you know about? Do tell on the comments section below.

Be safe, S


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