Going Natural

I have always been into fitness but I never really thought about all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle.

About a year ago I started thinking about nourishing my mind & body not only with wholesome foods but also with natural beauty care. I went on to research about what goes into the products I had been using daily for the past 27 years and came across some amazing websites such as http://www.health-report.co.uk/ingredients-directory.htm#anionic. The website lists an enormous amount of chemicals that can be found in everyday products and what they really are used for (think garage floor cleaners). This is just a partial list of tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals in common everyday use. This pretty much puts things into perspective!

Natural Shampoo – TheraNeem Naturals, Shampoo & Bodywash

Now I’m mindful about what I’m applying to my body…I mean your skin does act as a sponge and absorbs everything!

As for my hair care, I started experimenting with the no-poo method, but after a few months found www.iherb.com and ordered my first batch of all natural shampoos. Cannot recommend this site more!! note: iherb unfortunately does not have tracking for shipping to Greece and shipping time is around 1 month.

All Natural Powder Foundatin – Everyday Minerals, Semi Matte Base in Golden Medium 


So here’s how to give your beauty routine a do over!

  1.        Make it simple

When you don’t know what you are looking for on labels, always pick the product with the least amount of ingredients. Check out the shampoo I’m using at the moment Organix South, TheraNeem Naturals, Shampoo & Bodywash, Kids Therapé

  1.       Don’t get fooled with Natural labels

Just because the label says Natural, doesn’t mean it’s true. Be aware of parabens, SLS/SLES, petrochemicals, lead, dioxane, and phthalates.

  1.       No Perfume

Pick a product with Fragrance derived from essential oils. If a product says natural strawberries but smells like man made strawberry-flavored candy, then it may not be as natural as you think.

  1.       DIY

If you aren’t as lazy as me you could make your own skin care products. I only do this on special occasions or when I really want to pamper myself. Not only will you know exactly what is in your product but you’ll save money as well.


What do you think about going natural? Any favorite products? Please do tell!

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