Finding Time for Self-Care and Balance

Self_Care_SoftDlightToday I wanted to talk to you guys about something I use to have a huge problem with.

Balancing work and self-care.

Recently I’ve been really good, always putting away at least two hours to get up and go to Pilates or workout at home, have a warm shower, and eat my lunch without rushing. But I know a lot of people still have a big issue with this. It’s easy to over work yourself and forget about self-care, especially when your work is also one of your passions.

I remember reading in The fresh exchange blog, that Stefan Sagmeister had a TED talk about the ‘power of time off’ and Meg had said that for every 7 years of studio work, Sagmeister would take a year-long sabbatical to work on creative projects that reset him. Though not many of us can take so much time off, it does resonate to me. I feel that when I do take a break, let that be a few weeks for summer holidays, my mind resets and I can be more productive and creative when I come back to my desk.

When you leave self-care on the backseat you let yourself become stressed and overworked, your relationships also suffer as you become more agitated to everyone around you. I personally find myself grinding my teeth, causing really bad headaches as work piles up and I have no way to release my stress.

“You have to have clear boundaries when it comes to work and life” – Meg Gilger

So I’ve left you with a few tips of what I do to be more balanced throughout the week with self-care.

This is especially true when you are working a desk job. You need to move those legs! If you can – go out to a balcony and get some sunlight, walk around the office, or at the very least just stand up while reading a work document.

This may sound weird, but it really does work for me. As I do mostly 3D Modelling, it can be hard to feel how much time has gone by. I’m usually engrossed in making something that 5 hours has passed and I’ve forgotten to eaten lunch and my snack! I now have alarm reminders every 2-3 hours to make sure I get all of my meals and snacks for the day.

 – Have you tried Aerial Silks yet?!

I’m lucky enough to have equipment in the same room as my office, so there’s no excuse! I’ve also chosen a Pilates studio which is just a four minute car ride. Working out reduces stress and makes you feel so much more energetic.

As I’m trying to increase my water intake to 3 liters, it helps a lot to have a big bottle of water next to me. I know that I need to refill it only twice throughout the day and I’m good. I also add my MSM which has practically no taste when mixed into 1 liter of water.

Make legit time for your friends and family. It gets old when you keep giving excuses that you have too much work. Yes, we all have work – but make the time! Be present when you are with people and stop getting distracted with work when you actually do spend time with them. I’m still very much working on this. I have a very hard time shutting my brain off and just chilling with my loved ones but I’m trying to get better at this.

I hope my tips for self-care was helpful, what’s your number one tip?

Love, S


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