fighting allergies while keeping up with a healthy lifestyle

Hello again you wonderful people!

Hopefully everyone has had a great few months! It has been a while… we’ll get to that. This post might need some backstory so here goes:

I have always had very sensitive skin as a child. I was also very, VERY allergic, to many things. Constantly taking topical rubs and medicated lotions as well as having early onset ASTHMA (#TrifectaofDiscomfort)

Luckily I grew out of the asthma somehow and my skin is much healthier now after knowing what to eat and what to stay away from (the hard way). Being blessed with “Asian” skin (Thanks Mama!) , i have to be careful with whatever lotions and potions I splash on. On top of that, the food that I eat, my stress levels, my general mood and the weather all have an effect on my skin and body.

SO, if you’re someone with sensitive to VERY sensitive skin, I feel you homes. #allergrygang.

Here goes:

What happened

(Advisory: Images below may be uncomfortable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised)

About 2+ months ago I had a pretty unexpected allergic reaction. I don’t really want to call it a shock, because it wasn’t as serious as me needing the hospital. I’ve had much worse allergic reactions in the past. It started with a few rashes around my body, followed by the swelling of my top lip.

Those swole AF lips doe.  Too bad I wasn’t in the right mindset to put a little lipstick on and work it. haha!


Finding out why

I’m still in the process of getting more tests, but after a few doctor/Allergologist appointments, diets and being on medication, we finally found out that I have I have over 10 times the amount of immunoglobulin (i.e. an antibody. It’s a large, Y-shaped protein produced mainly by plasma cells that are used by the immune system to neutralize pathogens such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. ) SO that basically makes me a super allergic person.

I also am highly allergic (category VI) to Olive pollen and to a type of fungus called Alternaria Tenuis.

Couple all that with stress. Stress is not a cause for allergic reactions, but it can make your allergy symptoms much much worse.

“A study published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found a link between allergy sufferers and stress. The study found that “individuals with persistent emotional stress have more frequent allergy flares.” To alleviate allergy symptoms, try “taking the edge off” with yoga, meditation, and exercise or find some time to take it easy.”

Therapy & Treatment

While at first, I had to get a cortisol injection. I then had to continue with cortisol pills for 10 days, which then needed another 10 days to get rid of all the symptoms – all while being under a strict diet of no salt + sugar.

Antihistamines were taken for well over 20 days.

Other foods I wasn’t allowed to eat throughout the month were:

  • Alcohol
  • Raw tomatoes
  • Spicy herbs
  • Seafood excluding fresh fish
  • eggplants
  • eggs
  • food preservatives (including any pre-frozen foods)
  • processed foods with ingredients that you can’t pronounce or have no idea what they mean. lol

Didn’t snap many photos during this time because I was feeling too nasty!

When it came to working out, I stuck to my program. I wasn’t doing that much anyway since it was still summer, but the little that I was doing, I kept doing. Only one workout session ended up with a very red puffy face, but it subsided after around 10 minutes of getting out of the gym! Other than that all workouts were fine. I made sure to take a shower right after so my skin wouldn’t get irritated (by my sweat) and moisturize (Shea Moisture with Frankincense & Myrrh) afterwards.

Thoughts & Whats next

With my doctors okay to start eating again, I added salt and sugar back into my diet. I must say eating sugary deserts again did get me very nauseous at first !! Which just goes to show right!? #SugarDetox. So I’m trying to eat less of that and having honey instead of sugar whenever I crave it. I’m only human though – I did have my favourite greek desert (galaktoboureko) and some junk food.

Going forward, I need to really be aware of my body and skin. If any signs of sinus allergies come up I need to start treatment asap or it could bring back my asthma for good. I was so worried about distinguishing between a common cold and allergies.

Heres how to tell the difference:

  • Irritation or aches in your eyes and throat as opposed to your whole body
  • Recovery for a cold is usually quick. My Allergologist said if it’s over 3-4 days then it’s probably allergies.
  • Allergies would last much more than 4 days (Long periods of times)
  • Allergies are more likely to cause itchy eyes, wheezing, and hives.

Do you guys have any tips on the subject? I’m still learning new things every day so I would love to hear from you guys.

I hope you found this post useful !




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