The Most Amazing Morning Detox Water

Every morning once I wake up, the boiler goes on and I make myself a cup of warm water with lemon.

When I started this ritual, I didn’t know if I would see the benefits straight away, but boy did I ever! My main reason for getting into this recent trend was to get rid of my bloat. Let me tell you…from the first day I saw a drastic change, mainly with my digestion. I cannot recommend this enough. Even the sour taste which I usually can’t stand – I’ve gotten used to.


Here are my top reasons to start drinking lemon water:

1. Digestion

Not only do I see a change with my digestion when I drink lemon water in the morning, but I’ve also seen a difference when I have stomach pains from something I ate. No more antacids for me!

NOTE: Please be aware that this is from my personal experience and it’s been proven that for some people lemon can actually cause stomach pains and cramps. (Especially those with stomach ulcers)


2. Energy & Mood

I always seem to be less groggy when drinking this first thing in the morning. Lemon essential oils are also supposed to enhance your performance and attitude, but that’s a post for another day.

“The mild Lemon scent sends you to a positive place”

Barbara Thomley, lead coordinator for the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic.

Apparently it also reduced stress! Though I personally haven’t noticed a difference with my stress levels. [1]

3. Clearer Skin

I’ve seen my skin improve greatly with lemon water. Being a source of vitamin C, it repairs damaged skin cells, as well as prevents wrinkles and blemishes (despite the fact that water itself does the job quite well). Keep hydrated and your skin will thank you! It also helps that I use my trusty rose hip oil everyday!

Tip: My dentist also recommends swishing some water after, as the acid in lemon can break down your tooth enamel which then causes tooth decay!


So what do you think? Are you jumping on the lemon water bandwagon? Share with us your experience, in the comments section.

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