Green AM Powder

I have to tell you all about this green powder. If you’re anything like me sometimes it’s a chore to eat the recommended daily amount of greens.

Green Superfood_01

I came across this Amazing Grass, Green Super Food on iherb and of course – it’s all natural.

Every morning I add one scoop into my freshly made juice and mix, mix, mix.

I especially noticed a difference when I had to go work at an office for a month. I’m usually used to working freelance at the comfort of my home and getting up every morning and going to work was getting a little hard. It was around this time that I started using this powder with my breakfast and I swear, I had more energy and was in the perfect mood to work.


So let’s see what’s in it



++Digestive Enzyme & Active Culture Pre & Probiotic Blend

How amazing does that sound? FYI, I usually can’t down a cup of juice with spirulina – I’m very picky when it comes to supplements/proteins that taste weird, but this Green powder is fine. Not the best taste but very drinkable (and that’s saying something). I recommend drinking it with juice instead of water.


I’m actually looking forward to adding this into smoothies once I get a new blender! Do you have a green powder or juice you drink daily or for a pick me up? Tells us in the comments section below!

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