Festival workout Playlist

Spotify is such a game changer. I Love that I can find almost any playlist I want and I’m able to mix songs to my liking. There’s a playlist for everything depending on your mood. I could literally fall asleep to the ‘sleep’ playlists (and I have), and the ‘mood booster’ playlist really does wonders for when I’m feeling down.

It’s also no secret that music can take your workout to the next level. It definitely pumps me up and helps me get in those last reps. Music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates your mood and increases endurance. When listening to music people tend to run father, bike longer and swim faster than usual – often without realizing it.

According to one of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of exercise music, Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University in London

music is “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug”.

Here is a playlist “Festival workout” that will definitely get your heart rate up! Check out these upbeat and high-tempo beats – I hope it gives you that extra burst of energy you need!

So turn up the volume and if you’ve already done your workout for today, why not have a little dance sesh in front of the mirror?! Hey, its cardio! And I know you girls do it when you’re alone 😉

Love, S


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