Dealing with imperfections

01The past few weeks have been a blur. First let me apologize for being off the grid for so long. Having my latest post being about bananas for the last 3 weeks kinda makes me giggle. Hey, at least it’s informative right?

This New Year has definitely been something. A milestone. I’m going through a pretty big change in my life and it’s scary. I’m not sure where I’m going from here and as a good friend put it to me “the bloggers we follow don’t always just travel, workout and eat. Things aren’t always great” no they definitely are not always great. I don’t want to act as if everything is okay either. I want my followers to follow my journey the bad and the good. So, please bear with me – I’m going to try to post as much as I can, though I know I don’t want to force it and I want to give you all content that comes from a positive and happy place.

At the moment I’m going to take it slow and take the time to understand who I am. What I want to do, where I want to go and what I truly want. And most of all I’m going to take my time to heal.

Regarding fitness and healthy eating…I haven’t been in the slightest of moods to be working out. I also had a nasty virus for over a week that pretty much left me bedridden.  Yesterday was the first day I tried to get a workout in, but it left me feeling dizzy and so I listened to my body and stopped. I’ve been trying to get in as much fluids as I can – water, fresh juices, lemon water and herbal tea – and forcing myself to eat even though I don’t have an appetite. Baby steps until I get my strength back.

This week is sort of a fresh start for me. The virus is getting a kick in the butt and I’m going to start getting back on track. Let’s see how it goes.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”Robert Urich

Photos by: Rafaela V.

Love, S


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    Close your eyes… Have the Courage and Follow your heart…
    You are allowed to make mistakes…and Learn from them..

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