Weekend in London

I recently went back to London for 2 days for a little break. My mother was leaving from London to go back to Brunei and I thought it would be a great chance to get away even if for so little. It ended up being a trip I really needed.

We went exploring to some places I hadn’t been to before.

@FarmGirlCafe – Okay, so unfortunately we had a huge breakfast before coming here so we didn’t get to taste any of the vegan food, but my mother and I ordered 2 coffees. One with rose infused milk and another with lavender infused milk. Amazing! My favorite was the lavender because it’s just a subtle taste. The rose was much stronger – but guys! LOOK how amazingly pretty they are presented! The rose one was definitely the prettiest one.

Bodyism Cafe @Cleanandlean


A little chic all day cafe-deli and health food store

Afternoon Tea with the Mother @Sketch

So we went a little crazy here. My favorite finger sandwich was the quail egg and caviar. The deserts I didn’t like that much, the only one i re-ordered was a passion fruit tart. That being said I love the vibe here and I really think it’s the best place for mother-daughter bonding, just wish my sister could have been there with us.
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Of course London wouldn’t be complete without a park workout! I really love the parks, I find something so calming about them.

I got to catch up with a friend I’ve known since I was like, what, 10 years old? We went from @DuckandWaffle to @SushiSamba and finally ended up at the @rosewoodhotel



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Love, S


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