Tuesday Tidbits: Train, Train, Train

Happy Tuesday!

Summer is coming to an end, but I’m totally fine with that because it really puts me in the mood to start training consistently again. The past week was spent either working, running outdoors or at the gym.
TT07 TT08 TT09

{Polar FT60, Asics Sneakers, Cotton on leopard shorts, Oysho waist pack, Oysho sports socks, Zara sleeveless top, Zara Grey Hat}

On Sunday me and Orestis decided to go for a hike at Ymittos mountain. It was a pretty grueling experience.

30 minutes in and I was out of breathe and ready to go back, sit in the pretty coffee shop and have an iced espresso. Obviously that didn’t happen. One hour later and we reached the top of the mountain.

We took a long break for a snack and Instagram pictures (duh) before heading back down.

My take away from this hike was that mountain hiking is a whole different way of exercising your glutes. Incline treadmill doesn’t even compare to this! The path we took was a pretty steep incline and as we got higher, it became more like doing constant step ups than anything.

Want a firmer, more pronounced butt? Add resistance to your walking routine. Walking at an incline adds a natural resisting force of gravity and makes your lower body work extra hard.

“Running or walking uphill forces your lower body to recruit two or three times as many muscle fibers as running on the track.” –  U.K. track coach Brian Mackenzie

If you want to give hiking a try, you should check out Paths of Greece. It even has paths for hiking on the islands!


{ The path we took before Orestis phone died on us. This was about 1 hour + into our 3 hours hike }


{ The view on the way to the top }
{ Anyone of your friends will go out to eat with you. A real friend will motivate and encourage you to work out }
{ And finally there }TT11 TT15TT13 TT18 TT19
{Polar FT60, Forever 21 Sports Bra, Zara Sports Tights, Asics Sneakers, Asics Backpack, Rayban Sunglasses }
TTe01 TTe02
{ A SNIPPET FROM SNAPCHAT: Η ζωή ειναι έξω απο το σπίτι / Life is outside your house}

Getting back on track feels so good. I’m back to having my warm lemon water a.k.a detox water almost every morning, making home-made meals and crushing my training sessions.

If you follow me on Snapchat you would have also seen a trip to the market for fresh fruit. I’ve already devoured everything and need to go again.

Sunday was girls night with one of my babes – we went to see suicide squad at the open-air cinema – which I loved! So many laughs. I did have 3 naughty drinks and some not-so-healthy snacks which I wasn’t planning on doing, but no need to feel guilty. Got up the next day, had a whole rest day, drank plenty of water and moved on.


On another note – I’m one day late to the game but today I started @house.of.huber‘s 8 week Instagram challenge #AbsWithNad! Who wants to join me?! My legs were shaking like crazy while doing it (I blame the Sunday hike) but I pushed myself through it.


Here is today’s workout:

3x 15 Leg Raises
3x 15 Jack-Knife Sit-Up
3x 15 Bicycle Abs

Rest 1min between every set

3x 30 Russian Twist (with a 2.5kg weight)
3x 50 Mountain Climbers
3x 20 Side Plank Dips (each side)
3x 15 Commandos (change your starting arm)

Rest 1min between every set

My times were:

Leg Raises 15/15/15
Jack-Knife Sit-Up 15/15/15
Bicycle Abs 15/11/15

Russian Twist (with a 2.5kg weight) 30/30/30
Mountain Climbers 50/50/50
Side Plank Dips (each side) 20-20/15-20/20-20
Commandos (change your starting arm) 15/15/15

Would love to hear about everyone’s week. Comment below!!

Sofia x

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