Tuesday Tidbits: Spetses, Summer vibes (and lots of treats)

Helloooo my fitness bunnies,

What has everyone been up to this summer? My Instagram feed has had a steady stream of beautiful pictures of the Greek Islands <3 I wonder just how many times a year I fall back in love with this country. It’s beauty is hypnotic!!

I haven’t been able to take many days off this summer, but so what when you have weekend trips?! My last trip was to the island of Spetses. Lots and lots of girl time! I had the best time. Drinks, food, indulging big time.. and a whole lot of down time.

Spetses isn’t known for being a quiet island. There are a lot of clubs, bars, beach bars..but believe it or not I did some serious relaxing there. Definitely came back recharged.


Tasting what the Island has to offer

Our favorite place to be ( Poseidonion Grand Hotel )

Abit late to the party but it was the first time trying Matcha Green Tea. New fav!

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel was one of our main hang out spots. Breakfast, Coffee, Cocktails? It seems like I was there at least once a day. The hotel first opened in 1914 and represented the cosmopolitan face of the island. It has since become one of the island’s famous landmarks.

I was lucky enough to be invited to this gorgeous house to soak up the sun, eat and basically just chill for the whole day

spetses18 copy spetses08 copy spetses09 copy spetses14 copy spetses17 copy spetses31 spetses32

Over indulging – when your girlfriend agrees to split a waffle with you so you don’t pig out by yourself

So I went a bit over board with desserts and cocktails, but no regrets! The rest of the the week was spent back in Athens trying to slowly get back into a program…Fitness classes are all closed in August over here, so I’m trying to stay motivated until everything opens back up.

I’m also planning for my next weekend trip ! Where would you guys like to see?

Sofia x

+ check out my 5 fav greek fitgirls on Instagram.

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