Tuesday Tidbits: Blog Awards and Weekend away

 Happy Tuesday my loves!

So I’ve been a little quite on snapchat recently cos I’ve been trying to just live in the moment for a sec. At least I posted on Instagram right?? So if you didn’t see from insta – I went to the island of Tzia for a weekend. Definitely one of the most chill islands and weekends. Fresh watermelon daiquiris, lots of salt water and vitamin D.


A lot more into taking videos recently – what do you guys think? Would you like to see more snippets in this format?


lately on Instagram: The beach, cocktails and sunsets. What more could you want?

TT10 TT09

Right before my weekend away I attended the Marie Claire Blog awards 2016 to support my girl and youtuber Eleonora!! Such a great time seeing all the girls and guys in this industry. Unfortunately, I only checked social media after the event and was bummed to find out that I didn’t bump into the two hottie behind fitVPaddiction ! You guys have to check them out, they are amazing.  


Hope you all had an amazing week, Monday & Tuesday,

Sofia xx

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