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Interval training at Filopappou hill

Waking up every morning and trying to stay fit is not the easiest thing in the world. You need to be disciplined and consider your health a priority. For those that live in the center of Athens and find the treadmill boring, there is a great place nearby to save time and have a training session in nature.

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Filopappou hill is just next to the acropolis hill and is part of the ancient sites of Athens, but also a training place for locals. The hill has numerous paths that you can follow and combine to get the cardio training you need. The terrain changes throughout the paths, so good sneakers or hiking shoes are needed to protect your feet.

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Most of the paths lead you to the very top of the hill so depending on where you start from you can rest by walking fast when downhill, running at the straight paths, and power walk again when its uphill. Intervals will help you to increase your anaerobic threshold so you can build your aerobic ability. In addition you will train your body to burn more fat as long as you train in aerobic phase (heart rate must be under your anaerobic threshold). If running intervals are hard for you then walking around the hill also improves your aerobic ability, as long as you keep a fast rhythm and you don’t stop while going uphill. Trust me the view will be worth it.

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The hill is crowded in the evenings, so early in the morning is the best time for a workout.

You can also take your four-legged friend with you as there are also friendly locals walking their dogs. There is no tap for water so in case you need some while training, you should bring your own.

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If you love training outdoors early in the morning, this is a great location with a great view of the Parthenon and the sea of Athens at the south. Filopappou hill is the best place at the center of town for locals and visitors alike.

Fitness & Health is a state of mind so keep on going!

photos by: orestis katsilis

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