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Say hello to Voula’s new hang out place. öppen fuses killer eats and minimalist Scandinavian style.



With its natural lighting and grunge white brick walls, it’s the ultimate place for a lazy morning with some classic favourites. With its welcoming open atmosphere and delicious dishes, this South Coast all-day bar definitely lives up to its name (öppen means open in Swedish).


Having recently visited öppen I have 3 stand out wins for you:

  • The quality coffee of Mrs. Rose

Living in Greece, I’ve grown to know that coffee is the most important thing in a Greek’s life! Having a good cuppa joe is a must have when choosing your hang out spot.


  • The Quinoa Burger

This burger features a quinoa and beetroot patty, carrot, lettuce, avocado and a sauce to die for made from tahini. A must try.



  • The Kaisara Salad

Which features half an avo, hard boiled eggs on top of a green salad. Just look at that photo! #Foodporn right there.


Be sure to try out one, or all three, among the many other breakfast and lunch options, as well as their in-house cocktails. And by just taking a sneak peak into their Instagram feed, you’ll be suffering from choice (and taste bud) overload.


The new cafe boasts a large high table in their open garden, so you can sit around and chat to your neighbor while sipping on your mrs. rose iced espresso.


Fitness bunnies, be sure that there are amazing healthy meals on the menu and you wont have to worry about breaking up with your healthy diet. So go ahead, check it out, the exceptional vibe and quirky menu is worth the visit.


“open (not closed) | open; prepared to conduct business | open; receptive | open; candid | honest; ready to reveal any secrets | public; open for everyone.”


Discover more about öppen on their facebook.

Love, S





South Coast All-Day Bar

Poseidonos 15 & Plastiras
Voula – Attiki


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