Cheers from London!


Hello my lovelys, I’m currently in London for a work trip! I’m definitely going to carve a little time to do a few workouts on this trip, but I hope to also catch up with some old friends and explore some of the health scene in London.

This city is amazing! There are so many things to do and see, and I’m also super bummed that I didn’t realize that London was having a huge health and fitness festival! I found Fare Healthy through WellDoLondon and when I checked out the scheduled I honestly freaked out. Work-out with the Skinny Bitch Collective?! See Deliciously Ella?? That is, until I clicked away to get a ticket and saw that all general admission tickets were sold out!! Just my luck. Poo.

I HAVE booked a Pilates class at Heartcore though, which I’m super excited about anddd I will be joining a workshop from Red Smart Women WeekThe workshop is for Yoga and well-being with Gold Collagen.


Photo from Heartcore

Another passion of mine is Design, so I’m equally as excited to be checking out this year’s Decorex, Focus/15100%Design, and DesignJunction.


The Meraki Design Team at Decorex 2015

If any one of you have any recommendations for where to go, see, do, etc then please share!

* Also, I’m quite new to Snapchat but If you’d like to follow my little adventures be sure to add me. username: Soft Dlight *

Love, S



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