August’s Love Board

August’s love board is up!

Rather than only products, this month I’d like to also share with you the people and everyday things that have been keeping me busy and inspired this holiday season – Greek summer holiday that is!

Love Board August

 Starting left to right, top to bottom:
  1. TV Series, Power: I was introduced to this series by my dad who is obsessed with TV shows and movies. Since both season 1 and 2 were out I definitely had a little Power marathon gong on. You know…when you can’t stop watching and by the end of a few days you’ve accidentally seen them all. Wasn’t too keen on watching 50cent act but he was quite okay and all in all I enjoyed the series a lot. Waiting patiently for season 3 😉
  2. Carly Rowena, Fitness Youtuber: Ok so there are 2 YouTube Channels I’ve been loving this month. It seems that I’ve gotten hooked on YouTube! Carly Rowena is a fitness blogger and personal trainer. I love seeing her journey of becoming more and more popular. She seems like such a sweetheart and I’d love to be able to meet her and train together! Oh, and have you seen her abs?! Goals right there.
  3. Mimi Ikonn, Life Style Youtuber: I’ve been following this woman for a while now, originally for her Luxy hair tutorials, but very recently I’ve started watching Mimi’s lifestyle YouTube and I find her so so inspiring. I’m just hooked! She seems like such an amazing woman, and after watching some of her videos I feel so positive and motivated to get off my butt and do something! Mainly for myself…because as Mimi says “If you’re not fulfilled, you can’t give – most people say that’s selfish – it’s not. If you want to give to the world, you first have to give to yourself” Both beauty and brains right here people.
  4. Meraki Design: It’s all in the details. I’ve been working with Meraki Design since 2013. Here are 2 pretty inspirational women! I’m so proud of how far they have come and there’s definitely much more in store. This August we have been working together from Greece, and our current project is so amazing, I wish I could say more! My job is keeping me all sorts of inspired this month. The image here is of a little corner from their high end residential project in central London. #love #merakidesign #interiordesign
  5. Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Aviate Remix) | Melodic House: This song was sent to me by my sister quite late into the month but it’s amazing and makes me feel so chill. It’s been on repeat quite a bit. Give it a listen and tell me what you think!
  6. Enzo: I thought it was only suiting to have my baby Enzo up on the board this month as it was just #NationalDogDay the other day! Words cannot describe how much I love this guy. Perfect workout buddy right here. <3

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