The best dynamic warm up

I usually don’t static stretch before working out, I opt for warming up by jogging on the treadmill for 10 minutes, some foam rolling exercises (if I have the time) and then a dynamic warm-up which consists of dynamic stretching for my whole body. This type of stretching is amazing because it gets your heart pumping, your body temperature up and activates and loosens so many muscles at the same time.

Dynamic stretching means that you are moving – controlled – through your stretches, instead of holding a stretch for 30 seconds.


  1. Improves your range of motion

  2. Works your core/balance/coordination which improves body awareness

  3. Activates and warms up the muscles you will use during your workout.

  4. Enhances muscular performance – Allows you to train to your highest potential


Try this Dynamic warm up routine! (no equipment needed)

  1. High knees

    Targets: Hip Flexors, Quads and Hip Extensors

High Knees52. Butt kicks

Targets: Hamstrings, Glutes


buttkicks23. Double skip and High kick – 1 leg each

Targets: All muscles in your hip, legs and core.High Kick2



4. Side lunge both sides 180 turn side lunge both sides

Targets: Inner and Outer Thigh, Hips, Glutes, and indirectly targets the calves as well.

180 side lunge5

5. Lunge with twist

Targets: Quads, Glutes and core while improving balance and body strength


lunge twist36. Hip stretch open arm to the side up

Targets: Hips, Groin core, upper and middle back.Static stretch4

To make things easier take your time and focus on the movements you’re doing. I sometimes have trouble doing a lunge twist just because I don’t focus on my core and I’m trying to go fast to get my heart rate up – but that results to wobbling all over the place. Correct things like posture and imbalance – slow down and focus. It will help you later on with your workout and even in the weight

Next time you go do some sports or hit the gym, give theses a try and tell me what you think!

Love, S


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