Strike a pose – 5 yoga poses I’m adding to my workout routine

yogaposes3Since I have started back up with yoga at the gym, there have been some poses I’ve been really wanting to work on. I’ve decided to give myself 15 minutes every day to practice 5 poses that not only look awesome, but have great benefits as well.

1. Straddle pose / Upavistha Konasana


This pose requires you to open your hips, rotate your pelvis and work on hamstring flexibility. This will also be helpful with my splits challenge !

2. Warrior III / Virabhadrasana III


The warrior III improves balance, concentration and works your whole body. One of the things I really need to improve on is balance.

3. Crow pose / Kakasana


This was a goal pose of mine once! Time to get back to doing it regularly so I can hold it for more time and then progress into other poses.

Strengthens arms, back, inner thighs and wrists.

4. Sage Pose / Vasisthasana


The sage pose has a lot of different variations. Starting from the side plank all the way to grabbing on to your free foot with your free arm. This is as far as I can go but hopefully with time will progress.

Strengthens arms, belly, and legs. Stretches wrists, back of the leg.

5. Runners Lunge / Banarasana


This one hurts! Stretches your front thigh muscle and strengthens your legs and abs. At the moment I can’t hold this pose for too long.


Are there any poses you guys are practicing and would love to see progress on at the moment?
Photos by Orestis Katsilis

Love S,


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