SDFeature: Fitness Blogger, Carolina from Foodie-ness

One of the best parts of my recent Amsterdam trip was meeting the gorgeous fitness blogger Carolina from Foodie-ness!

Sat at Yogurt Barn after creating our yogurt bowl (mine had brownie chunks – omg) we sat down and got to know each other a little better.

Meet Foodie-ness Caroline


Tell us about yourself:

My name is Carolina, I’m 27 years old and from Amsterdam. After losing 13kg of weight, I have been into fitness and that’s for almost 4 years now.

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What inspired you to start a blog?

After losing 13kg of weight and walking around with a healthy shape and a happy smile, people in the gym and friends started to ask me questions. How did I manage? And how can they best realize their body goals? These people triggered me to start the Foodie-ness blog. One platform on which I’ll combine my experiences, knowledge, recipes and workout routines that’s easy accessible for everybody.

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What is your favorite way to train?

In the past 4 years I have tried several ways to train and I can finally say I have found the best way to train my body. It’s a personal thing and for me it works best when I combine cardio (HIIT) with weight training, 50/50.

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Least favorite – which you do anyway?

Everything that’s on my leg-day-routine. Not my cup of tea 😉

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Walk us through a day in the life of Carolina van Dorenmalen

I wake up early! I’m a busy bee and waking up early assures me that I have a long day ahead of me. I jump out of bed and eat my pre-workout meal. First thing on my agenda: gym time! While eating my pre-workout meal, I’ll have a quick look at my e-mails and after that I’ll leave. Back from the gym it’s time to take a shower and eat my post-workout meal. After my morning routine I’ll either leave for appointments, work on my blog at home, do a photo shoot, make videos, host an event, present a Foodie-ness masterclass or (and here comes my favorite) spent some time in the kitchen to bake new Foodie-ness recipes.

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What is your opinion on some of the popular myths you see in today’s health trends? E.g. Body wraps, detox teas, juicing.

I’m not that type of girl, I believe in the basics. I don’t think you need help from such “tools” to realize your body goals. Just eat clean and focus on health with the basic products that you can buy at your grocery store. This way eating healthy is fun, do-able and financially friendly.

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Do you have any guilty pleasures or bad habits? (Please say yes!)

Yes!! YES YES YES! I prefer to eat clean from Mondays till Fridays and during the weekend I want to join all the social activities with my hubby, friends and family. This contains “bad” foods and pizza or cheesecake makes
me the happiest!!

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How do you balance your brand/business with health and fitness?

For me it’s very important to listen to my body and give it all of my focus. As long as I treat my body and mind well, I will have all the energy to work my ass off! My days are long and I work during the weekends, so without proper food and some relaxation in the gym I won’t manage and keep up. And very important: rest. I need to pay more attention to that, because I find it hard to take a break. However, we all know a healthy lifestyle is all about food, workouts and rest.

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Any Holistic remedies that you use?

An evening on the couch with my hubby, pizza and Netflix. It’s the simple things in life right 😉

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What do you have planned for the future?

I wanna continue to inspire, motivate and support as many girls as possible as long as I can. I hope I can do this more often via Masterclasses, lectures and workouts in front of large groups of women. This is what I love the most! Meeting Foodie-ness girls f2f and being able to tell my store and hopefully help someone else 🙂 Oh and maybe you will finally expect a Foodie-ness E-book from me!!

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Photos: From Foodie-ness

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