My Fitness Journey – Workout Routine

The whole point of this blog is to share my experiences and journey of this crazy but amazing healthy lifestyle I’ve started.

So naturally – I need to keep you in the loop with any changes I make to my workout routine!

The last time I wrote about where and how I started. Since that post, I had stopped Aerial Silks due to studios closing for the summer.

As summer finished and studio’s started opening, there were also changes to their programs. Unfortunately the time slot for Aerial Silks was only in the evenings and I do prefer doing all my activities in the mornings. I find by the evenings all my energy is gone, and I would rather chill out at home or go meet a friend.


So as I was craving to do more than just weight training, I contacted a girlfriend and found out about a great Pilates teacher just four minutes drive away from where I live! Score! I quickly went for a trial class and instantly fell in love. After having tried a reformer class at heartcore (while on a trip to London), I thought I had to get back into Pilates. It’s amazing how it seems to use muscles I don’t usually work out and the pain the day after was the best feeling. It makes me feel like – yes, that workout WORKED.

Finally after two and a half months, Aerial is back on an earlier time slot and I can finally go back to my beloved silks – though the pain I felt after this class wasn’t such a great feeling! Aerial is so so exhausting, especially when you’ve left it for so long. My forearms were seriously swole after that class.

If all those sports and workouts weren’t enough, I’ve also added some cardio to my routine (2-3 times a week). I’m starting slow with uphill fast-paced walks, but will slowly get into some HIIT sprints!

I’ve been feeling so stressed and overworked lately, but just thinking about how much my body is improving makes me feel so energized. I love all of these different workouts and sports – trust me if there were more days in a week I’d do more! But for now I’m content.


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Goals update: Lower my body fat percentage while gaining muscle weight. Currently: 22%

How does your training regime look like? Share on the comments section below!

Love S,


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