My Favorite workout: Aerial Silks

I can honestly say that this is the first time in years that I have fallen in love with a sport. (at a young age I was obsessed with horse riding) I love Aerial Silks. Currently my favorite workout, it is incredibly hard…but so good.

For the 6 months I have been going at least once a week (would be more if it wasn’t so far!)


Why Aerial?

To be completely honest I went to this new studio: Studio Mix to check out it’s amazing interior and to finally try Aerial Yoga. Big #fail the schedule got all mixed up and Kat and I got thrown into a trial class for Aerial Silks.

I am the. biggest. wuss. ever.

Upside down? Flipping around and swinging from a trapeze? I really thought I would sit the class out – just stay and watch in the corner. I’m so thankful I didn’t. It was scary at first but I left the class smiling and thinking that it was so much fun.

DSC02017 2

How many classes does it take to be able to climb up the silks?

The hardest part when a beginner! Going up the silks seems like such a hard task…but stick with it! Usually it takes around 4 classes to be able to climb even just a little bit. This also depends on your instructor. I tried a few before sticking with Eleni Ziampara, who explained and showed me everything step by step. After that it only took a few lessons to get the hang of it.

DSC01693 copy


The biggest change I have noticed is arm strength. Although Silks doesn’t use only arm strength, there are still many poses and transitions that need it. It’s actually quite amazing. I recently started training chin ups and pull ups and I see such an improvement whenever I switch from training to Silks. The next silk lesson I’ll be able to hold on a little longer, and on the next training session I’ll be able to make that last rep. It’s addictive!

aerial02 copy

Best part of Silks?

The poses! How beautiful are these poses?! It feels amazing when you go to class one day and finally get a pose down.

Oh, did I mention that I wore my polar and each class is a minimum of 500 calories 🙂 huge plus.


Want to have a trial class? Book your class with Eleni here. Tell us your favorite workout and if you would try Aerial Silks in the comment section below!

Pictures by Soft Pixels
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