Fitness Experts Favorite Gym Equipment

In the world of never ending trends, there are many types of equipment in the gym that are versatile for working your whole body. We asked the pros one simple question:

“If you could only use 2 gym equipment for the rest of your life, which 2 would you choose?”

My current favorites include the barbell and the squat rack but let’s check out what these 25 top health experts and gurus think!



1. Zuzana – Trainer & Fitness blogger @ZuzkaLight

Zuzana was one of the first fitness women I followed, back in the day when she cofounded BodyRocktv – a Youtube channel with home workouts.
She currently runs zuzkalight and has fostered more than half a billion worldwide views.

“Kettle bell and jump rope.  Those are my favorite, they don’t take up any space in your home and I have a lot of workouts on my website utilizing these simple but effective tools.”








2. Kenneth Gallarzo – Co-Founder & Vice President of World Calisthenics Organization (WCO)


Kenneth is a NASM CPT, SME. He is the co-founder and vice president of World Calisthenics Organization and the creator of Battle of The Bars and WCO StreetSport. He’s traveled the world to hold Calisthenics workshops and competitions. On the list of “The best fitness accounts on Instagram” on Men’s Health UK June 2015, he is also known as one of the best calisthenic athletes in the world.

“Pull up bar and dip bar”







3. Marie Zarri – Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor


Marie was a professional basketball player for Hercules Thessaloniki when studying for her degree in Physical Education & Sports management. She then got certified for Pilates in balanced body university, Sacramento, USA and is now is working as a Pilates instructor at Ladies Fitness Club and Studio Pilates. She specializes on post-rehab exercises and Pilates in corporation with doctors and physiotherapists. Helping people with injuries of the spine, shoulder, knee and hip joints, as well as people with special needs (pregnant women, the overage, children and athletes).

She is also the most attentive Pilates instructor I have worked out with!

“If I could only use 2 gym equipment for the rest of my life…They would be: The Treadmill because this machine helps to improve cardio and it is necessary for fat-burning programs! And the second one is a Rowing machine for the back because it helps for correct posture in the spine and helps avoid lower back pain!”







4. Wu Chun – Singer, Actor & Founder of Fitness Zone Gyms @fitnesszonebrunei

Bruneian born and bred, Wu Chun is Brunei’s very own Super Star. His bio includes being an actor, singer, former model and gym owner. You can find his chain of gym’s Fitness Zone all around Brunei and his most recent endeavor has been opening a healthy restaurant, The Energy Kitchen.

“If I can only keep two equipment for life, it would be a smith machine and a cable crossover, because i only need these two equipment to train all muscle groups.”









5. Brianna Sky – Personal Trainer @bskyfitness 

Brianna Sky has been on my personal Instagram for awhile now. I love that I have actually seen her progress and fitness journey during this time. That’s exactly what I wanted to do for all of you with this blog! She is also a blogger and has online coaching packages. Go check her out!

“Dumbbells and a bench!”







Jesse Golden


6. Jesse Golden – Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga teacher & Model @jessegolden

How gorgeous is this woman?? Jesse is a mother, model, yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner. She shares her experience living with an auto-immune disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis and is currently a contributing Editor for MindBodyGreen, My Empowered World, Vivaglam Magazine & Focus Magazine.

“def a yoga mat as I’m not a gym fan;) other would be a fitness band, as it can fit in my bag, I can easily carry it and do multiple exercises with it 😉 “








7. Alim Roslan – Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Instructor


Alim is a NASM Certified personal trainer and also a Calisthenics trainer. He founded Brunei Calisthenics Org. and is the creator of Bar-Rage. Also, he was my personal coach during the time I was living in Brunei! Alim is a personal friend and an awesome coach. I only started building muscle when I started weight training with him. He’s now living in Maryland, USA and works as a personal trainer and Calisthenics instructor.

“Pull up bar and Olympic Rings. That’s all the equipment I need to complete my workouts and training. To build up my strength, strength endurance, stability and skill. The rest is just my body weight.”







8. Foodie-ness – Fitness Blogger @foodie_ness

This girl is a sweetheart! She’s your ordinary girl who takes her food and fitness very seriously. Her blog is all about combing fitness and healthy living with a full time job, studying, blogging, social activities and life’s chaos. And look at those abs.

“1. Kettlebell : I’m a big fan of circuit training in which I combine cardio with training with only your body weight and extra weight from for example a kettle bell.
This way I’m working on my strength, endurance and weight. Therefore I would prefer to have my kettle bell with me so I can train my legs, arms
and core extra hard!
2. Fitness-mat: In my circuit training I would definitely need a fitness mat to perform some arm and core exercises. I’m a BIG fan of core workout routines and thus a fitness-mat is my best buddy. I can easily bring it anywhere and start working those abs!”






nicole9. Nicole Winhoffer – Fitness Artist @nicolewinhoffer

Nicole is a world-renowned fitness artist who creatively combines the art of inner expression and fitness. She combines her knowledge of the body, dance, sports science, anatomy and eastern practices that focus on the chakras, acupuncture points and energy work. Her Method has played a leading role in shaping some of the best bodies in the entertainment industry including Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz, Stella McCartney, Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish and Steven Klein.

“The 2 things I could not live without:
1. Stella McCartney yoga mat
2. Ankle weights for the perfect booty.”






10.Vasilis Stavropoulos – Personal Trainer

@Stavropoulos Vasilis Iasonas

Vasilis a.k.a Billy, is widely known in Greece as a celebrity trainer. He appears on many Greek talk shows to motivate and inspire people to work out. In addition to being a personal trainer, Vasilis is also a Business man owning Fresh Line in Nea Smyrni, Athens.

” Two of the most effective exercise equipment for me are:
1. Trx because it is really efficient for building all the major and minor muscles of the body to a maximum of a 75% in an endless list of different exercise combinations. Moreover, it causes minimum strain to the tendons and muscles in comparison to other types so the risk of injury is really low. Finally, is really convenient to set up your own trx equipment in your house as it only requires a wall and a minimum space up to 3 meters in front of you.
2. Lebert training (equalizer) is recognized in the fitness world as one of the most well developed ‘all in one ‘exercise equipment as the exerciser can effectively develop all the upper and lower body muscle group. In addition the athlete can perform a wide variety of cool exercises as handstand push-ups and balance enhancement routines without necessarily the presence of a PT.”





Angelica kathleen2


11. Angelica Kathleen – Fitness Model @angelicakatheleen 

Angelica is one of the top ranked bikini competitors in the NPC with aspirations to compete pro level. She went from sorority party animal to a fitness enthusiast, health nut, sponsored athlete, national NPC bikini competitor, and published fitness model. She wants to be able to share her knowledge with hopes of inspiring each of you to break out of your old habits and create a new happy and meaningful life too.

“I believe I would keep it old school and choose dumbbells and a barbell. There are so many different exercises you can perform using these two types of equipment. Including some of my favorite glute movements like: hip thrusts, lunges, dead lifts 🙂 “





Lita lewis

12. Lita lewis – Fitness & Motivational Life Coach @followthelita

Working tirelessly to transform and break traditional molds of the “Americanized” fitness image has been the staple of Lita’s brand “You Fit” Movement. “You Fit” is
 all about accepting, embracing and building strong minds, being healthy for life, finding inner balance and pursuing and accomplishing personal growth – Your best You!

“1. The squat rack
2. Treadmill”







13. Sean Torbati – Nutrition Coach


Sean is a CSCS, NASM CPT and has 8 years of experience customizing nutrition plans for people ranging from Olympic and professional world class athletes (think NBA and NFL). He is also the CEO of High Performance Nutrition.

“For sure a power rack and barbell.”








kat sign 2

14. Sandra Riley Tang – Yogi @sandrarileytang

Singaporean Singer and visual artist, Sandra is also co-founder of The yoga co, Singapore’s first home-concept yoga studio. Her Instagram feed has stunning fitness posts from Yoga, to CrossFit, to Parkour – She inspires people worldwide.

“Barbell and a pull up bar”









15. Emily Schromm – Personal Trainer @emilyschromm

Emily is a certified personal trainer, CrossFit Coach, and soon to be Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is out to change the way women think about food, weightlifting, and their body.

“Dumbbells and a barbell!”







16. Team #FITGIRLCODE – Fitness Community @fitgirlcode

Founded by Aranka and a group of friends, #FITGIRLCODE is a fast-growing community of motivated and positive women around the world sharing their experiences on healthy habits and tips for workouts.

“There are so many girls here at FGC that I’m afraid we might all say different things, however we think that a bar and weights (barbell) is our first piece of gym equipment because it’s really versatile and you can train your whole body with just this! Second I think would be a stability ball, this another piece of equipment you can use to work your whole body! But we also think that you could live without gym equipment as body weight exercises can achieve cardio and muscle strengthening ;)”








17. Bradley MartynCo-Founder LeanMeals & Online Coach @bradleymartyn

Online coach and business man, Bradley has his own brand, fitness apparel and Lean Meals – a meal plan delivery service giving you healthy, fresh, well-balanced diet.


“Squat rack and barbell. If I had a rack, a barbell, a bench, and a platform with weights to go on it, I could have very productive workouts with just that.”







18. Ashley Lane aka cleaneatfreaks


Ashley is certified in nutrition and is currently studying for her Personal trainer certification. She shares her journey of Kayla Itsine’s guide and inspires people through her progress photos on Instagram.

“To answer your question I’d probably choose Dumbbells and a barbell”









19. Anjuli Mack


A Eurasian (like yours truly) living in New Zealand, Anjuli is sponsored and known for promoting a positive, happy, lifestyle based around fitness and healthy food choices.

“1. The multi cable machines -I would use different handles, ropes, angles & the pull up bar in between.
2. a squat rack/dead lift platform with a barbell & plenty of weights.
Just with those two pieces of equipment I could get a really good workout done.”








 20. Tony Christodoulou – MMA Fighter


A personal friend of mine, I’m so proud of how far Tony has come. He has been training since the age of 16 and went pro in 2010. He was a front runner for Greek MMA, 4 GFC, won CFO lightweight title, and most recently made his UFC debut. He is also recognized as the first Greek fighter from Greece in the UFC.

“Squat rack and pull up bar. Can get the most complete movements and build functional strength and endurance simply by adding or subtracting the amount of weight and increase or decrease of the reps.”








21. Stephanie Davis – Fitness model & IFBB Bikini Austria


Stephanie Davis has been all over fitspo websites, her photos are everywhere! She has won numerous competitions in 2013 and 2014, including IFBB Bikini Fitness Int. Hungarian 2013, IFBB Bikini Fitness Int. Austria 2014 and IFBB Bodycult Challenge.

“First one is the barbell bar and the second one is the chin up bar :)”






Angelica Yassemi


22. Angelica Yassemi – Trainer & Fitness Model


Angelica connects her love of music and dance as well as her passion for fitness to deliver a pulsating, rhythmic and positive workout experience at Oaka37.

“I’d definitely pick my kettlebell 12kg and my trx band.They are the two I can’t live without!”






23. MuffinTopLess – Fitness Model @muffintopless

If you still believe the silly myth that weight training makes us women “bulky” or “manly”, then please check out Savannah’s blog! Her blog was the first fitness related blog I had ever started following. She does an amazing job of keeping it real, motivating and inspiring people to transform their lives for the better and to keep on pushing.

“I suppose the 2 pieces of gym equipment I couldn’t live without are dumbbells and good running shoes!”







24. Greek Calisthenics Movement – Calisthenics Trainers & Athletes @CalisthenicsGr

The Greek Calistenics Movement are a professional sports team that consists of athletes and trainers who have been performing calisthenics since 2009. Dimitris Giampouras, Angelos Andriotis and Tasos Voreas have previous experiences in other sports, such as martial arts, crossfit, track and field, natural body building and others. Their main goal is to bring back to life this ancient training system that our Greek ancestors, athletes and warriors were using for thousands of years to train their bodies.

“Rings and high bar”







25. Lara – Personal Trainer ️& Fitness Model


Lara is an online coach and ex bikini competitor. She shares her ups and down, gaining weight and then pushing through to get back to healthy. Best kind of Inspo. She also shares her workouts on her Instagram.

“I would use 2 20b dumbbells because you can use them for just about everything including my favorite exercises like lunges, shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises etc.”






26. Remi Ishizuka


Remi inspires people through Instagram with her amazing photographs of her home made meals. She became popular with her transformation journey using Kayla Itsine’s guide, but has since become known as the breakfast bowl pro. Side note: Seriously, her breakfast bowls look amazing. Go Check them out!

“If I could use only two gym equipment it would be: A set of dumbbell weights (10 lbs each) and a Mat. That would be it for sure!”




The Takeaways

Thank you again to all the people who got involved and spent time to answer which gym equipment they would use. Here are the 3 most popular:

Favorite gym equipment (as voted by 26 experts!)

#1 Barbell – 9 votes

#2 Dumbbells – 8 votes

#3 Pull up bar – 5 votes

What’s your favorite two equipment to use at home or at the gym? Let me know in the comments section below and please share if you liked this post!

sofia sign 2






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