Gym Phobia

I’ve moved back to my family home and with the change of area comes the change of my whole workout regime.

I’ve recently been walking around my neighborhood trying to look for studios and gyms and came across this one gym – very affordable, lots of free classes and super close to my place. What’s not to love, right? But guess what? I haven’t stepped inside a gym for over 3 years. To be completely honest it was VERY intimidating. Even just visiting the gym and looking around made me feel so nervous. I don’t know if everyone gets this – actually I know not everyone does – because I have friends who really don’t give a *** and do their work out not giving anyone around them the time of day. However, as a naturally shy person, I get anxious when people are looking at me while working out. I’m also very uncoordinated and clumsy. So just thinking of someone watching me do burpees is terrifying!

I know you must be thinking “woman, you started a blog on this topic!” Yes! I do like pushing myself outside of my comfort zone sometimes, and I do try to do things that I’m scared of, for example flexibility class where we practice handstands or aerial class which includes drops. I must admitt… this felt much worse than all of those put together.

I’ve made up my mind though and the final push I needed was during Women’s day when the gym had a GREAT deal, which I couldn’t resist!

After going through these mixed emotions, I thought it would be an interesting topic to share with you guys and let you know what I am and will be doing to get over my gym phobia. After all… Are we going to let the fear inside us or opinions of others people to tell us how to work out? NO.

The things I recommend that will prepare you for your gym session, which helped me are:

  1. Take a class

So the first thing I did when I joined this gym was to take a yoga class. Best thing you can do since you don’t have to worry about creating your workout plan! All you have to do is follow along with the instructor. Everyone is usually too busy and focused on their own form to be looking or judging you about yours and what you are doing.

  1. Have a plan

Go to the gym with a plan. It doesn’t have to be something specific, even just a general plan of what you are going to do and which parts of the body you want to work on will help. I make sure to have Kayla’s workout or my weight training program written down on a piece of paper as I don’t like wasting time or walking around lost, thinking what I should be doing next.

  1. Don’t go at peak hours

Since I was feeling intimidated by so many people at the gym I decided to just skip peak hours. If you’re in a big gym it will never exactly be empty, but there is less anxiety when there are less people around. I chose to start my workouts at 7:30am not only for the empty gym but also to get a head start and make sure I get my workout in for the day.

  1. Have your Playlist

Not only a good motivator for a gym phobic but music will give you that extra push you need in the gym. Put your ear plugs in and zone out to your tunes. To check out my Spotify playlist click here.

  1. Talk to the trainers there

When it’s time to do exercises that you are not 100% sure of, or if you need a spotter, talk to the trainers at the gym. This is something I stress out about as I usually have a spotter when squatting with heavy weights. Once I get to that point I’ll really need to just ask for help.

  1. Dress comfortably

Being dressed in too tight or uncomfortable active wear plays a big role on how confident you are going to feel. There are so many different types of affordable gym wear nowadays that you really have no excuse! Make sure what you’re wearing doesn’t make you feel more self-conscious than you already are. Check out these gluten free leggings which will make you look and feel pretty awesome in the gym.

Now let’s get over the fear of the gym together! Let me know if you are going through a similar situation,what helps you and any tips that you might have.

At the end of the day, you are doing this for yourself and exercising should be something you enjoy doing!

Love S,


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