Gluten Free Leggings

Greek active wear lovers…get ready to add these to your shopping wish list!

I have been searching high and low in Greece, to find patterned and mesmerizing yoga tights that can make a statement while being functional. It took me awhile but I finally found this local brand: Gluten Free Leggings. These active wear clothes tick all the right boxes for me! They are so comfortable…they hug all the right places…and they stay up (how annoying is it when tights don’t stay put?). I’m so happy I found this brand and I needed to share it with all of you!

I love the beach – and even more so, working out and doing yoga at the beach. There’s something so refreshing about sweating outside as opposite to a closed up gym/studio, don’t you agree? It’s a necessity for me since I spend a lot of my time indoors working on my computer.

So this time I grabbed my gluten free leggings outfit to put them to the test! I’m just in love! They are so pretty and you could practically do anything with them. Yoga, go for a walk, run errands, wash your car, or do a full on stadium workout. Can’t wait to wear them this summer for more yoga practices on the beach. Who said you can’t look good while working out?!

The Vanity Leggings: This one is a cheeky little number! Slightly see-threw and just a bit naughty, this set looks amazing on with a longer top. Throw on an off the shoulder light weight top so the matching bra can show through and you have a perfect outfit for after workout drinks with the girls.

Yoga Sesh by the pool with the City Sky Leggings set

My top 3 favorites:

Rainforest in Blue set

Blue Lagoon Blue & Red set

City Sky Night Blue set

Guys, wearing these outfits make me feel so over basic workout wear! Especially if you’re pretty much always in active wear the whole day – why not wear something different? You can go from workout, to coffee, to work, to dinner. I’m ready to mix it up when it comes to workout wear.

Shop them at we create harmony and check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

And let me know which ones are your favorite design on the comments section below! Happy Thursday!

Love, S


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