Fitness Gear Fall 2015


Weight Training

1. This Hydro flask is perfect, it keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours and BPA-free Stainless steel. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. I always need to have a 1 liter bottle with me so I can have my 2-3 liters of daily fluids.

2. I’m literally IN LOVE with Stella McCartney for Adidas. If I could only have 1 piece from the whole collection it would be these tights.  Fitness x Fashion, yes please.

3. I don’t know why I never used Asics before…I got my first pair last winter and they are friggin amazing. These black ones are great from going workout to street style.

4. I’m in dire need for new weight lifting gloves. Although I always prefer black for my workout gear, I always go for fun colourful or patterned gloves. Love it!

5. This tank top! Perfect to show off an amazing workout bra.

6. Throw this sweater over your sports bra post workout to grab a healthy snack out.

Pilates Training


1. Just having started Pilates again, here’s pretty much whats on my wish list! I need this sports bra in my life.

2. Always in need of headbands. These Under Armor Mini ones are too cute.

3. Tights x patterns x grey = <3

4. Another water bottle, this one just looks really cool. I barely drink water at pilates so this little BPA-free bottle is perfect. I love that it has a straw and the rubber comes in super cute colours like lilac.

5. I’m constantly on the look out for new gym bags, I’m very picky when it comes to them because I know I’ll have it for a long time. I love how the animal print on this one is so muted with the dark greys.

Aerial Training


1. Some of this fall’s trends are ombre and super bright colours. Kill two birds with one stone with these cotton candy tights.

2. Has anyone heard of Glasstic? Basically it’s a glass water bottle that is surrounded with plastic, so even if you do drop it while up high, the glass doesn’t shatter and make a mess. It gets contained in the plastic and is super safe to swing around with you on the silks.

3. Been wanting some Quay sunnies for awhile now. How good would these look with this aerial work-out set?

4. This microfibre towel looks luxe AF and is much needed at a sweaty aerial sesh.

5. This Nike fleece has been all over my Instagram. Mainly on Bianca Cheah, and I’m seriously in love. So bad ass. Nike never does wrong when it comes to hoodies.

6. This Heroine sports bra looks so dainty and fragile. Would look amazing for an aerial pose.

What are you guys loving this fall? Tell us in the comment’s section below.

Love, S

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