Exercise Trends I’ve Never Tried

Inspired by Pumps & Iron‘s post on Popular Workouts & Exercise Trends I’ve Never Tried, I wanted to write my own list of exercise trends that I haven’t yet tried out. I would love to slowly try them out to tell you about my experience and opinion on each of them!

So lets get right to it:


1. Boxing



Boxing has become such a huge trend – a lot of models and actresses are getting into it. My coordination isn’t the best though so I’m sure I’ll have a hard time with it, but looks amazing for those days that you just feel the need to punch something! 


2. Rock climbing

rock climbing


To be honest I’ve tried this once at The Work Out Hall but definitely need to have a few more lessons to give you some feedback.


3. Aerial Yoga / SUP Yoga

amanda bisk


Okay so I pretty much put these 2 types of Yoga together, because why not.

The same as rock climbing, I’ve already taken one aerial yoga class. Found myself getting so so dizzy, though people say you get used to it after 1 or 2 classes. I love yoga and I love Aerial Silks so I would think this class would be equally awesome. My first experience was not great so I will definitely have to take a few more classes to see if I like this one.



SUP Yoga is something I’ve tried alone, pretty much just practicing static poses. However I would love to try a proper class out! From my small attempts let me just tell you that it looks so much easier than it actually is.


4. Ballet / Barre



Ballet style workouts have been the new craze. I’m not so sure how much I would like this one as I prefer something that gets my heart pumping, but who knows? This studio pictured in Bianca’s Instagram looks amaaaazing.


5. Pole workout




A bit scared to try this as I’ve seen people come out with all sorts of bruises and burns but curious if it’s anything like aerial!


6. Cross Fit


I know so so many people obsessed with Cross fit… I’m a bit reluctant to try it though as I’ve heard so many mixed reviews. I kind of have the feeling that if I was to do cross fit, that I would get injured somehow. Can’t say anything concrete though if I haven’t tried it!


7. Boot Camps




I’ve tried one Bootcamp once (Beast Camp) when I was in Brunei and loved the workouts Alim had planned out on the beach. Definitely need to try some in Greece. Love that it’s outdoors and you get to experience something different each time. Also just grinding it out with like minded people is so fun.


8. Run clubs (nike, adidas)


When Nike plus came to Athens, I told myself I would grab a friend and go. Basically Nike/Adidas creates these runs where you train as a huge group. The cool thing is that Nike also has HIIT training sessions which I really would love to try. It looks like so much fun!  Butt….turned out no one wanted to join in! So I got demotivated and finally never went. I’m thinking perhaps this will be a new challenge for me…just suck it up to join, even if I am alone. Hopefully I’ll meet some great people there.

9. Parkour class


Please tell me I can find a class like this somewhere in Athens?! How amazing does this look? Super bad ass.

10. Calisthenics



Maybe one day Alim can give me a few Calisthenics lessons. I still haven’t reached 8 reps on my chin ups so I’m not so sure I would be able to keep up with these guys!

11. Rebounding (trampolines)




So up to trying this! Looks like fun, though I’m sure I’ll fall off that thing knowing me and my coordination.

So what do you think? Which trend have you been wanting to try but haven’t gotten around to? Tell us in the comments section below!

I can’t wait to start trying these out. Check back for updates and reviews!

Love, S


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