Bosu exercises

There is nothing I love more than getting a total body workout with just 1 piece of equipment. These Bosu exercises are part of my training regime – I do them with my coach together with weight training. I’m nowhere near perfect, the bosu needs balance and I’m always wobbling all over the place, but it’s great to work your core at the same time and switching up your workout is great to keep your body guessing. Get ready, set, go!

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in between. Repeat 3 times and then go to the next exercise.

Toe tap

I use this one to warm up for what’s to come.

Knee to opposite elbow

High plank position, stabilize on the Bosu ball. (note: your hands will always look hella weird when balancing on the bosu) Keep your back flat and lift one knee as close as you can to your elbow. Switch leg and repeat.


I dread these but they are amazing for your core. Get into position and hold for 30secs!



Jump squats

Great for getting your heart rate up. Best in-between more stationary/laying down exercises. Knees out when squatting down!



1 legged Low squat hold

Get as low as you can and hold it for 30 seconds! Repeat on the other leg.

Side squat jumps

Again, getting that heart rate up! Start at a squat position with one leg on the bosu and jump up to the other side. Rinse and repeat

Lunge with back foot on bosu

Love this one. Feel those thighs buuuurn.

Back extension

Cool off with some “easy” back extensions


And to finish off plank and hold for 30 seconds


Try these and tell me how you did! Did you have a favorite or something you couldn’t do at all?

Love S,


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