6 weeks into splits


Recently I’ve been wanting to concentrate on much smaller fitness goals. The big picture is to lower my fat percentage and build muscle but how vague is that?

I’ve been struggling quite a bit recently when trying to stay on track and I think it’s mostly because I don’t have those smaller goals to work towards. A few months ago I started working on chin-ups as my goal and in just a couple of months I could do 3 un-assisted chin-ups! Just to get to that goal though, I had to keep up a constant training program and that was how I stayed motivated and consistent.

“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.” – Brian Tracy

SO! If you’ve been follow my journey on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been really wanting to do the splits!

I’m challenging myself to follow a ‘splits in 6 weeks’ program to try and reach that goal. Keep in mind that I also do yoga, aerial silks, kickboxing and stretch after all my workouts.

FYI – This is the program I’m going to be using.

Here is a little summary of what is going to happen.

Week 1 – After warming up do these 6 exercises in this order

  1. Toe Touch x3
  2. Supine Hamstring Stretch x3
  3. Deep Lunge
  4. Karate Stance
  5. Standing Quad Stretch
  6. The front Splits


Week 2 – Continue with the same stretches but add isometric contractions for some of the stretches. (Excluding the toe touch stretch) This means that when you are in a stretch you squeeze all the muscles that feel tense for several seconds before relaxing. You repeat this and are meant to see that you can stretch even more after your contraction.

Week 3 – Continue week 2 to let your body get use to what you are asking it to do.


Week 4 – Continue as week 2 except when doing the front splits, take no prisoners! a.k.a push yourself.


Week 5 – Slide down into the splits with your hands supporting you and slowly start lifting fingers until you are capable to hold your splits position with only your legs


Week 6 – After having developed the habit of stretching every day. Take some extra every day to visualize yourself in a perfect splits position. Prepare mentally and do a few breathing exercises before your daily practice.

I can’t wait to try this out and I’ll keep you on in the loop through SnapChat 

If you guys have any tips or stretches you think would help with my splits challenge I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

Photos by Orestis Katsilis


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