When I first started my fitness journey, I was following Bodyrock.tv on youtube and working out to their HIIT training sessions. There weren’t many fitness bloggers or you-tubers I knew about back then but fast forward to now and not only do I follow a lot of inspirational people but I myself have gotten into the fitness blogging world. Who would have thought?

One of the best motivations for me was scrolling on Instagram and ‘stalking’ all the #fitgirls. It can be an amazing place to find information, learn new moves, and just get inspired. Don’t get me wrong, this sometimes can back fire and you can be left feeling demotivated and easily discouraged. But if you constantly remind yourself to not compare your journey to others it can be a great motivational tool.


Following these accounts constantly reminds me that fitness is a lifestyle and that there are so many similar women on the exact same journey as us…whether it be just starting, on your level, or having already reached their lifestyle goals and maintaining. Knowing that these women are not somewhere in America or Australia actually pushes me more because I know that it can be done no matter where you are and who you are. It’s a big part of my daily motivation and so I thought I should share a few of these motivational woman with you. I hope you find as much inspiration as I do from them!



(not in any particular order)

1) Vivian & Polly (a.k.a @Fitvpaddiction)


I’ve been following these girls from the time I created my blog. Coaches and ambassadors for Adidas Greece, these girls have partnered up to become some serious fitness gurus. They are constantly posting videos of exercises which you can do at home or outdoors. They will keep your Instagram feed looking healthy, vibrant and pretty with their partner poses and healthy food.


2) Eleni Petroulaki (a.k.a @elenipetroulaki)


If you are into fitness and live in Greece then you must have definitely heard of fitness guru Eleni Petroulaki. An author, spokesperson, model, mother, and trainer. She is the face of multiple fitness brands around Greece. You can find a lot of lifestyle photos on her Instagram as well as plenty of fitspo pics. Those abs though!

3) Julia (a.k.a @Julia_veganlove )


This is a vegan yogi you should be following! Not only does she have an amazing body – and amazing yoga poses, but she has the best vibes. Inspiring women to love themselves and find peace within themselves. Her motivational quotes about self-acceptance, positivity and motivation is exactly what someone needs when not feeling 100%.

4) Sofia Pappa (a.k.a @Sopappa )


This weight lifting chick is such a bad ass. Her Instagram is a combination of body pictures, workout videos, and plenty of motivational quotes. She’ll get you wanting to squat. and to squat heavy. She definitely fits the “strong is the new skinny” motto.

5) Dimitra Zachop (a.k.a @dimitra_zachop )


Dimitra is most famous for “the barre method”. Ballet dancer and personal trainer – her Instagram is on point with workout videos, her colourful diet and her impossible ballet poses. #flexibilitygoals



These FitGirls will inspire you in different ways – they don’t look the same and they don’t necessarily train the same way either. That’s what I love about them – for me personally I love trying new workouts and keep my body guessing. All these girls motivate me in different ways and I’m always trying to keep my motivation at a high. It’s a great way to stay consistent!

Know of any other Instagram accounts I should be following? Let me know in the comment below.

Love, S



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    I had a look at the Greek fit girls/women list. All incredible! Would you be intersted to check a Pilates Master Trainer, Gyrotonic Teacher and Tennis Club player pretty fit, almost 53 years old?

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